Why do Children in Foster Care
Struggle in School?

Unfortunately, children in foster care are already behind and struggling academically. When a child enters foster care, they may move more than four times in their first year in care. For those children who grow up in the system, they can move more than 15 times in their young lives. When they are moving this often includes schools. The transitions to new homes can negatively impact educational success, contributing to low high school, and college graduation rates. How can children exiting foster care succeed without a strong education foundation?

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How do these School Supplies Reach Kids in Care?

Every 2 minutes a child enters the foster care system. Give these children a chance to succeed academically by giving them the tools they need to excel in school.Keep in mind, when sponsoring any of these items, you will not receive anything in the mail. We are sending these items on your behalf to our foster agency partners who give them directly to children in foster care within your community! Every child deserves to have school supplies, join us this year as many children go back to school!

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Ready to be part of the solution?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Kids in Foster Care Get a Back 2 School Pack, STEM Box, or Tech Pack?

We will ship these educational supplies to our partner agencies, where they are needed most, across the continental U.S.

What Ages Do These Programs Support?

Back 2 School Pack supports children in elementary and middle school. The Tech Packs are geared towards high school and college students.

Why Help with School Efforts in June?

We know that for most students the new semester starts in August or September. To ensure all the items raised are collected and redistributed in time, we needed to get an early start in June.

How is a Service Activity Different from a Sponsorship?

When you participate in a Together We Rise Service Activity, you are helping cover the cost of the project and physically completing it at your home or office. Once the service activity is finished Together We Rise will help connect you to a foster agency local to you to donate the items.

If you choose to donate towards a sponsorship, you will NOT receive anything in the mail. You are paying for the items and Together We Rise is placing those items with children in care across the country.

How can I Help BEYOND the Back to School Season?

We have many ways you can help! Visit togetherwerise.org and see how you can become a corporate partner, get involved with our other service activity options, start a fundraising campaign, or sponsor the many different causes!

How Much of My Donation Goes Towards a Sponsored Program?

92% of all donations go directly towards the sponsored program. Together We Rise is committed to ensuring that your support is directly reaching children in foster care nationwide. For more insight on our financials, please review our financial documents here.

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