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Social Media Advocacy Internship


An online social media / marketing intern will assist with national campaigns to raise awareness to foster children by creating content & grassroots awareness and fundraising campaigns in your local community. You will learn about how nonprofits utilize social media & marketing to reach their audiences & supporters.

Skills & Qualifications

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We Have Interns Nationwide

We have had interns throughout the United States. They help with creating grassroot awareness campaigns across the country anually.

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Past Intern Stories


The College of Saint Rose in Albany

This internship is an awesome way to be involved while attending school. The internship taught me how to get out of my comfort zone while creating a positive difference! I proudly completed the internship knowing that I made a change in the lives of foster youth of America.


Troy University, Alabama

This internship allowed me to use my experience in foster care as a tool to help others. I used to believe that being in foster care was something to be ashamed and embarassed of. TWR encouraged me to be brave and share my experience with others which made me stronger person. TWR opened doors for me to work with other organizations to share my story and passion to help foster youths. I am beyond grateful for the internship opportunity.


Louisiana State University, Shreveport

I came into this internship a Child Psychology major looking for more hands on experience. I got exactly what I asked for. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and I grew so much because of that. If you are considering this internship, I promise you will never regret the experience you gain from it. Not to mention, you are helping children. What could be better?