Volunteer Opportunities with Foster Care in TX

Corporate Social Responsibility spring gathering in austin texas to benefit foster children

Since day one, our mission has been to help improve the lives of foster children in America. We strive to help in any way we can through our team building activities, scholarships, volunteer opportunities for foster care, and our partnerships that we’ve built over the past ten years. This time, we packed up our equipment and headed to Austin, Texas, where we partnered with some of our good friends over at Foster Village. We hosted a HUGE outdoor picnic at the Loralee Foundation Ranch in southwest Austin for foster families around the area. It was beautiful!

Foster parents and kids enjoyed good food, played yard games, and participated in other fun activities. They seriously had so many unique activities for the foster kids! Volunteers from all over Austin, Texas came out to spread the foster love and everyone brought their talents with them. There was horseback riding, fishing lessons, basketball, volleyball, bike riding, kite flying, bubbles, a cupcake truck, surprise appearance by a Lil’ Sebastian lookalike, face painting, AND a photo booth! It was truly a sight to see it all. Some kids rode a horse for the first time and caught their first bass. They were all so excited and had a great time at the ranch.

spring gathering in austin texas to benefit foster children”spring

kids blowing bubbles at spring gathering in austin texas to benefit foster children”foster

We had so much fun throughout the day; everyone left with hearts and tummies full. It’s days like these that we live and work hard for. Putting smiles on so many little faces is one of the best feelings imaginable. When they’re so full of wonder yet put into a situation through no fault of their own, it’s difficult to stand by and not get involved. That’s why we’re on a mission to take action and bring a friend wherever we go. So join us!

If you’d like to get involved in your local community for volunteer opportunities with foster care and want to learn more about our team building activities, click here. For more details about service projects in Austin, Texas, click here.

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