Better Birthdays & Better Summers for children in foster care

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It has been a crazy and amazing few months at the TWR office. Our volunteers have really stepped up their game! Not only have they created over 300 Valentines Day grams, 400 Easter baskets, 100 Birthday gifts, and over 100 Sweet Cases to foster youth in our community, but also helped us in winning $25,000!

Through their hard work of texting, facebook messaging, e-mailing, and promoting, our volunteers pulled together to get enough votes for us to wint the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant. We will use the money to provide over 1,000 Sweet Cases for kids entering foster care. We feel like running to the top of a mountain and shouting, ” Thank you TWR Family, You all are AMAZING!!”

Recently, our great volunteers pulled together to make 100 Birthday Boxes to help celebrate birthdays for kids in foster care at Mckinley’s Children Center ( www.mckinleycc.org). They also created and customized 50 Summer Sweet Cases.

Interested in being a local volunteer in Southern California ? Go to TogetherWeRise.org and click Get Involved.


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