Day 2 – Viva Las Vegas


For our second stop we are in Las Vegas! We want to mix up the sin city with a little big of giving back so we headed to Las Vegas where teens lined up before we could even set up to get a piece of the action.

We parked in the SAFY (Specialized Alternatives for Family and Youth) parking lot, which provides a variety of social services to at-risk youth and families in Vegas and went to work! We set up and then let the boys go to town and pick out their own gear. Each teen gets to pick out a hat or beanie, two t-shirts, one TWR shirt, a pair of socks, and a goodie bag with 3 shirts and some other gear.

It was a hot but successful trip and of course we couldn’t stop in Vegas without a little fun so we hoped onto the New York New York roller coaster and escaped the heat with some thrills. 

We are over joyed and energized with the special people we are meeting along the way. All the youth and volunteers have been so great that we aren’t event tired with barely any sleep. (Well…and the help from our sponsor Monster) We are ready for the next stop so bring it Phoenix! See us in your area?! #togetherwerise #clothingtour

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