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From Orphan Turned Successful Model Donates 500+ Pillow Pets For Foster Youth

Author: Gianna Dhalia
Date: September 4, 2012

Together We Rise

Tasha-Nichole Terani guardian of the orphaned and abandoned has devoted her life to being a strong voice for those who have none. Tasha-Nichole has a inspirational story of being abandoned by her birth mother, in a dark alley of Tehran and then found by a local Sheriff. She then spent the next two years of her life in an overcrowded understaffed orphanage where she was malnourished, neglected, confused, and yearning for her biological mother.

It was her painful first years of life that lead her to destiny of being the founder of Every Child’s Dream, a non-profit organization which helps to provide emotional and financial support to orphans in orphanages and to create awareness on baby abandonment. Tasha-Nichole motivated by her upbringing also became a highly successful International model and record holding soccer player. She also has been recognized as a Special Envoy for Peace through soccer by the United Nations. Tasha-Nichole is determined to create awareness and to provide orphans with a better experience in the orphanage during the critical first few years of their life.  

Tasha-Nichole recently donated 500+ pillow pets to Together We Rise’s sweet cases program. Tasha-Nichole loves providing blankets and stuffed animals to better provide orphans with proven physical, emotional and psychological benefits, such as, warmth, security, comfort, better sleep, friendship, bonding and love for these babies who need our support during this critical time of their lives. Tasha-Nichole has been recognized as a Special Envoy for Peace through soccer by the United Nations.

Please help support Tasha-Nichole and her amazing Every Child’s Dream foundation by visiting her website

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