In Our Own Backyard: Cure For Kody

Cure For Kody

Kody is a 14 year old boy who loves and used to live for soccer until the doctors told him that he couldn’t play anymore last summer. He loves God, animals, video games, sports, Knott’s Berry Farm, the beach, motocross, skateboards, and his family to name a few. He has been in the hospital for several months now with no expectation of getting out anytime soon.

When you visit the blog maintained by Kody’s family, these are the first words you read about their full-of-life little boy who now struggles each day in a hospital that Kody has called home for nearly six months now. Kody is fighting an unknown disease that causes fluid to collect throughout his body and create a seemingly endless list of complications and subsequent surgeries or procedures. Now, Kody’s mom has given up her job to be with him full-time, which means she has given up their health insurance and Kody’s chance for a cure.

Here at Together We Rise, we care about kids. Foster kids, kids aging out, homeless kids, and kids like Kody. So when we heard about a hurting kid in our own backyard, we called upon our network of awesome of supporters, hoping to raise $5,000 to help out with Kody’s medical bills. With just a fundraising page and a few bracelets emblazoned with “Cure for Kody”, we reached our goal in less than a week. Three weeks and hundreds of bracelets later, our goal had doubled and Kody had $10,605 to put towards medical bills.

That’s the power behind our name. When we face a challenge together, we can combat problems facing kids everywhere. Whether they’re prisoners in their own bodies or in a broken system, every kid has the right to a childhood. To nineties cartoons, riding a bike, playing soccer, and living a healthy life. To a sense of normalcy and to rise above.

To find out about ways to support our mission, visit our Get Involved page and spread the word on Facebook or Twitter!

Loving the Lost,
Emily Nichols

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