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Make a Difference Monday: ONEHOPE

Author: Emily Nichols | Alex Apodaca
Date: July 16, 2012


How many times have you heard about a band of friends who work together to support one of their own? How many times have those friends turned their love for a one of their own into a profitable business and generous foundation? ONEHOPE Wine has done just that. ONEHOPE is not only the wine of choice at events like the Grammy's, Sundance film festival, and our friend Vh1's Save the Music event, but has also donated over $750,000 to deserving charities. And ONEHope just got even awesomer if you can believe it. 

On July 31st, ONEHOPE will feature your favorite foster care organization (that's us!)  on its Charity Tuesday blog and donate 50% of their profits to our Build a Bike tour and Sweet Case programs. That means that anywhere from $5-15 per bottle of wine they sell will go towards bettering the life of a foster kid. 
See, I told you they got even awesomer. 

Now a lot of us here at Together We Rise are too young to vouch for the wine over at ONEHOPE, but we're pretty sure it'll be as great as they are! So if you're over 21, head over to ONEHOPE and check out another way to support foster kids in your backyard. 

Loving the Lost,