Myth Monday: Adoption is Expensive

Like Bigfoot and Nessie, most people have heard of foster care, but they’ve also heard a lot of myths swirling around it. The foster care system can be a bit mystifying to those unfamiliar with it, so Together We Rise is here to bust some common myths!

Foster care and adoption require patience, effort, and care, but what stops many people from fostering is the fear that they can’t afford it. Unfortunately, adoption’s gotten a reputation for being something only the wealthy can afford, but this is completely false. You might be surprised to learn that adoption isn’t as expensive as you think!

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to foster families today. Foster parents receive a reimbursement to cover the cost of food and clothing, as well as medical, dental and counseling services for their child. State agencies also provide supportive services such as training and respite care. States and organizations offer adoption grants, adoption loans, and tax credits, and some employers even offer adoption assistance programs to their employees. There are many, many ways to receive financial support for fostering or adopting, so hopefully potential foster parents won’t let the cost get in the way of welcoming a child into their family.

infographic about foster kids in the system

Though adoption costs can add up, they vary widely depending on the type of adoption and where the child is being adopted from. International adoptions and private adoption agencies tend to be more expensive while adopting out of the foster care system can significantly lower the cost. In fact, foster care adoptions are often funded by the state, so most are free or have few fees. Of course, every adoption is different, but you definitely don’t have to be wealthy to be a foster or adoptive parent. Consider this myth BUSTED!

family photo of foster care adoptionadoption photo of entire family

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