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Running For Emancipated Youth ( Foster Care )

Author: Danny Mendoza
Date: March 25, 2012

Today, our awesome running team gave us some great news from their race this weekend at Knott's Coaster Run. Below is a snippet we got from one of our runners.

" Thank you everyone that participated today in the Knotts Coaster Run!!...Jose coming in first in his age division after having run LA marathon last week!! Brianna 1st overall/age division for 10k and I 2nd overall 1st age division for 10k.Thanks again to Felicia for stepping in an covering the booth while we were off and running and Maria Monroy, her sister and Richard for joining us in the race. " - Sharon

More info on TWR Running team:
Join us as we run to fundraise for youth who emancipate out of foster care and Age out.
Together We Rise in collaborations with foster care agencies such as Mckinley Childrens Center serve over 1000 children and youth. As Youth age our of the child welfare system resources are scarce. We recognize we need to do more.
You can do more by donating, or by running to raise funds for emancipated youth who need assistance with a scholarship to assist with transportation, living, or educational expenses.
Join us in continuing to serve young adults in hopes of preventing homelessness as they gain and maintain self sufficiency with our help.
Your support means the world to those we serve.