100th Adoption Celebration for Children in Foster Care in San Dimas

To bring awareness to  National Adoption Month, Together We Rise partnered with the Dave Thomas Foundation to hold an Adoption Festival in honor of the agency’s 100th adoption. That’s 100 children who will no longer have to relocate from home to home and will grow up in the safety of their forever families. The mission of the Dave Thomas Foundation is to bring children awaiting adoption and their prospective families together. The foundation supports Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a program that strives to place children labeled as “unadoptable” in homes with a supportive family. The festival helped raise awareness for this crisis and had an attendance of over 600 people! McKinley’s very special 100th family received to grant of  $1000 and  roundtrip tickets to any JetBlue destination for a family vacation.

The festival hosted carnival games for children to enjoy (no goldfish were used Peta) and made it possible for them to win triceratops and unicorn pillow pets. And children could be heard screaming “Bigger Better Wand!” as the magician pulled out a 25 ft jumbo inflatable wand and waved abracadabra atop a deck of cards. Though he failed to make them disappear, the audience had a Chris Angel moment when the magician appeared to insert a sword through the neck of one of his volunteers. Though no one knows exactly how this conspiracy transpired, we’re sure we made your local city fair jealous as ours djs decked out McKinley’s basketball courts with entertainment. Especially popular were the video game trucks, bounce houses, and the princess booths that provided girls with a glam touch. But no party would be complete without fine grub which was actually provided by none other than In-N-Out and Wienerschnitzel. For appetizers, we were able to indulge our guests with snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy. Our volunteers worked tirelessly all day to set up and clean up after the event ended but we can all say that it was well worth raising awareness for the National Adoption Month. We would like to give a special shout out to Dave Thomas Foundation, In-N-Out and Winerschnitzel, as well as all our sponsors for making all this happen!

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