Socktober Austin Style

Socktober Austin Style

Socktober Austin style is a beautiful sight! This October the Together We Rise team worked on a new initiative with Bombas socks. We gave away over 80,ooo pairs of socks to kids in foster care nationwide. To make sure this initiative succeeded, everyone in the Together We Rise organization buckled down and got to help.

Volunteer Socktober Austin Event

Socktober AustinOne of the ways Socktober Austin helped is by hosting a fun volunteer event at the Foster Love Center. Since Socktober focused on reaching kids nationwide, this midwest stop came as a blessing.

The Socktober Austin event pulled from our local volunteer base. We asked people to come and meet us for snacks and to help package socks for donation to foster agencies around Central Texas. With the help of our Austin volunteers, we managed to pack 15,000 pairs of socks. The boxes decorated and stuffed to the brim with socks await our fundraising goals for shipping. To help with the event our donors are raising money and helping with shipping costs.

Always More Work

With plenty of time to spare, we worked on another project that same day. We sorted through 1,000+ books donated to Together We Rise. We arranged books based on age-appropriate categories, including a section covering topics of trauma. To no surprise, we breezed through the books with spare time to mingle and get to know our community.

In Conclusion

Austin SocktoberIn conclusion, we would like to thank all of our volunteers to help with the Socktober Austin event. Because of our volunteers, we are able to help so many kids in foster care nationwide.


Thanks to our supporters, Socktober finished successfully. We raised enough money to ship all of the socks to kids in care nationwide. A huge thank you to everyone who helped physically and with donations.

Also, if you are interested in volunteering in Austin or Brea, contact us here.

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