Sorry, we were busy changing the world! But we are back and catching up.

This holiday season was pretty much over the top for everyone at Together We Rise. The amount of support we received around the country was incredible. We received thousands of messages for people wanting to get involved, requesting information about adoption, or just thanking us for what we do day in and day out. We have to admit, it was hard for us but we did it. Now we are trying to catch up and there is so much I can tell you about all the awesome things we did, all the states we got to visit, or all the kids we met but there is too much. The team is working on a video to help capture this and tell you everything. We are currently trying to hire all of our interns and a few more passionate staff to help fill the void. The best and worst thing at TWR is that we only hire when we are truly in need. The bad part, we are understaffed and until we have gone down to Cafe 86 a few times in one day to get coffee, no one really notices or has the time to think about it.  The good part is, we know that we are utilizing our funds correctly. We could just hire 7 to 10 more people, the amount of staff we truly need, but we are working on a plan to do this efficiently.

I just wanted to post an update because our bloggers are behind, our interns are still interviewing, our online team are still moving into their dorms, and our office dog is still trying to get used to the new people. Oh and our landlord doubled our rent so we have a few months to find a new home. It is going to be an insane year but in a good way.

We will be in touch hopefully by February and I will leave you with my favorite picture of December.

Ne-yo signs picture for young lady in foster care with together we rise

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