Target, Not Just For Spending All Your Money

What do grown-ups and pillow pets have in common? Not much, except that sometimes, the grown ups come over at our office here at TWR and help put these stuffed animals in their new hand-drawn duffel bag homes.

Last week, Together We Rise partnered with 15 of Target’s Corporate Interns to assemble and decorate 25 Sweet Cases going to the foster youth in Southern California. Our Sweet Cases, perhaps our sweetest program, are filled with lots of similar goodies including hygiene products, along with the personal touch of a handwritten note filled with encouraging words.

These Sweet Cases are filled will love and will provide comfort to a foster child who has just been relocated. Though it might take time to adjust to a new home, these children will doze off to sleep at night accompanied by their new fluffy pals. These Sweet Cases make a world of difference to the kids who originally might have used a trash bag to move their stuff.

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