TWR joins One Simple Wish on tour to help grant 30 wishes in 30 cities in 30 days #foster care

Day 1, 2, & 3 by Steve-O ( TWR Team Member )

Saturday night,  ( April 28 ) Bobby & I anxiously waited at LAX as they called for our section of seats to board the non-stop flight to JFK. It was our first time being on a plane in a while for me and Bobby so we were definitely nervous. Maybe I shouldn’t of had Burger King earlier that day ? As we wait, I said to Bobby, ” Yo! that’s Jordan Farmar ”  Bobby replied, “who’s that? ” –___– ( Danny saw Rev. Al Sharpton on his flight the next day )

We arrived Sunday, at 1:11 am ( Cali time ) on a 5 hour flight and everyone on the plane is apparently fell asleep but me. I think the nerves got the best of me. We explored New York later that day as we did not have to start until Monday on our tour schedule.

Monday morning we woke up to Danny banging on our door at 7:00 am and he took us to breakfast at Moonstruck in NYC. We then hopped on a train to Trenton, New Jersey. Danny new the train system pretty well as he has been here before but it was a new experience for me and Bobby.

We got picked up by One Simple Wish’s founder’s husband who gave us a ride to the Kick off party at a local Bar in Trenton. We met the team for the first time, got a tour of our RV ( a little smaller than expected but way bigger than our TWR van that we were used to ), then checked in to our hotel.

Tuesday we attended breakfast with at a team members house from One Simple Wish and went over the tour schedule. We had two stops that day in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Both stops went quick but were very powerful. We were able to grant an amazing wish to a young boy to learn how to fly and to get his group of former foster youth to go on a boat ride provided by the local yacht club. After that we quickly headed over to Philadelphia to grant a wish to Dakota to get a family season pass to the zoo as she requested along with a animal interaction with an animal there. Dakota is an amazing young lady with a lot of courage. She helped feed a polar bear!!

We drove right after and headed over to Delaware and we are currently sleeping at the local Wal-Mart. If you see us tweet us and good night. 🙂

– Steve 0 ( TWR Team Member )

One Simple Wish Tour

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