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Welcome 2017 Fellows
July 26, 2017 | By Together We Rise

Did you know only 3% of foster youth will receive a Bachelor's Degree?  

Many foster youth lack the financial and emotional support needed to navigate through the education system. With the help of donors, Together We Rise surprises 10 foster youth around the country with a life-changing $90,000 college scholarship. The Family Fellowship program supports youth in foster care with financial, educational, and wrap around support. Learn more at

 Foster Care Scholarship - Family Fellowship Together We Rise

Meet Kamia!

 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

 An aspiring commercial pilot, Kamia was inspired by a helicopter ride she took as part of a high school program in her home state of Colorado. She notes that from the sky, even her rundown street looked perfect, as it fit in with the masterpiece which was the city as a whole. She candidly recalls that if she could see beauty like this every day, it will serve as a reminder that she can do anything. Kamia’s ability to stay positive and see the beauty in everything is truly inspiring, and is a huge contributor to her current success. In high school, Kamia balanced having a part time job, taking Advanced Placement courses, commuting over an hour to high school each way, all while struggling to make sure she had something to eat each day. Despite these battles, and even moments of homelessness, Kamia has came out on top. This summer, Kamia just celebrated her birthday and is spending her time working before heading back to Arizona to begin her fall semester.

Foster Care Scholarship - Family Fellowship Together We Rise

Meet Nickson!

Texas State University, San Marcos

Nickson is studying biology and is on the pre-med track, as he hopes to matriculate into medical school after he finishes his bachelor’s degree. Nickson’s childhood was quite difficult as he navigated the foster care system with his younger brothers after some instances of homelessness. Luckily, his bond with his younger brothers remains very strong, and he often notes that his current success and his drive to go to med school is derived from his love for his brothers and his desire to be able to support them emotionally and financially should they need his help. He takes on a lot of responsibility as he wants to be a role model for his younger brothers.

Currently, Nickson is spending his summer working on campus as a Summer Residential Advisor for his university. He plans on enrolling in EMT courses alongside his college courses in the fall, in order to give him some clinical exposure and to expose him to the medical field. He hopes that this could be his part time job while he finishes his undergraduate studies, and judging by his strong academic history, we have no doubt he will ace his semester in addition to the EMT courses. We’re happy to have Nickson in our program, and are humbled by his commitment to his academics and, more importantly, his brothers.

View the scholarship recipients reactions! 

Fellowship Reveal 2017 from Together We Rise on Vimeo.

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