4th Annual Sweet Cases Car Show Help eliminate trash bags from foster care

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Goal: $3,000
Donors: 26
Raised: $2,267.00

Project No Trash Bags

Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces Car Show Fundraiser

Providing duffel bags to children as they enter foster care.

Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces Car Show Fundraiser is an Annual Event that takes place every June. Sweet Cases Car Show is dedicated to improving the lives of children entering foster care in our community by providing duffel bags filled with a teddy bear, blanket, hygiene kit, coloring book and crayons. Often children entering foster care are given trash bags to hold their belongings, we are CHANGING that by hosting the Sweet Cases Car Show every year!

4th Annual Sweet Cases Car Show
Sunday, June 9th, 2019
Millard South High School
Buells East Stadium Parking Lot
5606 S 147th Street - Omaha 68138

Donations can be made by clicking the PINK Donate button and following the prompts.

2018/2019 Sweet Cases Goal is $3,000
Please DONATE today and help improve the life of a child entering foster care in our Community.

Every $25 that is DONATED creates a Sweet Case. A Sweet Cases is a duffel bag filled with NEW items, such as a blanket, teddy bear, tooth brush and tooth paste, and a coloring book with crayons.


April Sevilla President of Sweet Cases Car Show Fundraiser is the October 2018 Jefferson Awards Foundation Recipient.

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Recent Donations

  • LLance and Grant donated $1000 - 2 mos ago.
  • AAmanda and Shawn donated $60 - 3 mos ago.
  • JJennifer Murnane Rainey donated $40 - 3 mos ago.
  • KKaren Kubote donated $40 - 3 mos ago.
  • KKenyon Goetsch donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • TThomas Snider donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • MMichael Erftmier donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • DDaniel Huse donated $150 - 3 mos ago.
  • MMark and Mona Jakoubek donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • JJay and Linda Johnson donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • JJames and Laura Henderson donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • KKent and Linda Tyler donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • JJoseph Vanseveren donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • LLayna Gunderson donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • WWilliam and Mary Schwanz donated $25 - 3 mos ago.
  • TTammy and James Bailey donated $200 - 3 mos ago.
  • CCrossroads of America Viper Assoc. donated $100 - 3 mos ago.
  • GGreg and Kim Berger donated $50 - 3 mos ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $25 - 5 mos ago.
  • DDavid and Pamela S. donated $25 - 6 mos ago.
  • AAnne S. donated $100 - 6 mos ago.
  • WWilliam and Wanda M. donated $25 - 7 mos ago.
  • WWilliam and Wanda M. donated $25 - 7 mos ago.
  • TTerry and Ronny S. donated $75 - 7 mos ago.
  • PPride Hospitality LLC donated $87 - 10 mos ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $15 - 10 mos ago.

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