The Give A Bike Project Help give foster children mobility

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Goal: $5,000
Donors: 20
Raised: $1,125.00

Hosted by Pitbulls Fastpitch & Eastern Volleyball Academy

In 2015, Pitbulls Fastpitch started the Give A Bike Project to give back to the community that has supported our mission since our initiation. Over the past four years, we have been able to donate over 90 bicycles to families in hard times during the Holiday Season.

We believe athletes should strive to be leaders of their environment , and with that comes a responsibility to embrace and support their communities. Each year, our student-athletes raise money to purchase unassembled bicycles for families in need during the Holiday Season. Our student-athletes work together in teams to assemble the bicycles and deliver them to underprivileged children in our own backyards. 

We have been fortunate enough to find other like minded organizations who share the same determination to make an impact on the lives of people who surround us. We have now joined forces with Mt Ephraim Toys for Tots, Philadelphia Wish, Eastern Volleyball Academy and now, to continue to grow this special project. 

Last year we were able to raise enough to purchase 35 bicycles and this year our goal is to do more. Please help us in this mission to make a positive impact on the lives of children during this Holiday Season. 

There is no contribution too small. Every donation helps us get one step closer to changing a young life for the better. 




Recent Donations

  • SSonali R. donated $50 - 10 hrs ago.
  • HHarry G. donated $100 - 1 day ago.
  • NNancy W Y. donated $75 - 2 days ago.
  • JJudi J. donated $25 - 4 days ago.
  • BBarb And Joe L. donated $50 - 4 days ago.
  • QQueen W. donated $100 - 5 days ago.
  • VVeronica K. donated $50 - 5 days ago.
  • SShannon B. donated $30 - 5 days ago.
  • JJulia L. donated $50 - 6 days ago.
  • TTom W. donated $100 - 6 days ago.
  • PPatrice Y. donated $25 - 6 days ago.
  • RRachel H. donated $25 - 10 days ago.
  • CCheryl C. donated $25 - 10 days ago.
  • KKayla K. donated $25 - 10 days ago.
  • DDaniel W. donated $50 - 12 days ago.
  • BBobbie I. donated $25 - 16 days ago.
  • LLorraine D. donated $20 - 25 days ago.
  • DDrew H. donated $100 - 29 days ago.
  • JJillian & Nichole M. donated $100 - 1 mo ago.
  • TTonia C. donated $100 - 1 mo ago.

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