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Supporting Foster Kids in North Texas

As a mom thru biology, adoption, and foster care, I have a heart for children.  However, my heart bleeds for the most vulnerable among us - kids in foster care.

I witnessed first-hand kids coming into care with nothing but a plastic grocery bag with a few items - one bottle, a handful of diapers and a few clothing items, most of which didn't fit and were so stained they needed to be tossed.  Their most treasured items were left behind and it broke my heart.  It still breaks my heart today to think about kids being removed from their homes with virtually nothing to call their own. 

When I shared my desire to do something to help, I discovered I was not alone and other moms in our local homeschool group expressed their desire to help as well.  Even more, our kids could participate in this effort as well.  What an awesome learning experience for them! 

As a result of our desire to help foster kids, this campaign has been created to raise money to purchase duffel bags for foster children in the North Texas area.  At the end of the fundraising campaign, the kids in our homeschool group will gather to decorate and fill the bags with a blankets, stuffed animals, hygiene products, etc. which will then be donated to a local foster care agency for distribution to foster children in the North Texas area.  Our kids will be helping foster kids!!

We are asking for your help by donating to this cause so we can provide at least 100 bags to foster care children in the North Texas area. We thank you in advance for helping us make this fundraiser a huge success. 


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