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OF bike build

Dear friends and family,

I am at it again. WE are at it, I should say. With the help of all of you we are going to change the lives of 100 foster children in the Gilbert/Chandler area.  Last year we built 40 bikes for foster children, this year we are shooting for 100! I know, I know, that is a huge goal, but Ocotillo friends has proven to me that anything can be done.  How it works:  For two months I raise money through sharing this post on Facebook (begging), raffling off the autographed ball Kurt Warner gave us, and doing knockerball events.  When people choose to donate the money is collected by "Together We Rise" until the fundraiser has ran it's course.  After that, the bikes will be sent to me and I will organize a massive event in which all of the donors and more will be invited to build the 100 bikes.  Last year the Bike Shop, Freeride, and friends of ours donated helmets to the cause.  Freeride also stayed to make sure all of the bikes were built safely (I owe them the world). 

A note to all:  All of the donations are tax deductable and go straight to the bike fund.  All bikes range from $60-$85 to buy.  I am hoping for both sizes in order to meet the need. I am excited to announce I will be donating half of the bikes to the Chandler area so I will need a point person that will also see to it that the firefighters and police are invited, as often times they deal with these awful circumstances in their day to day patrols.

I am excited.  I hope you are too!

Ready. Set. Go!

Recent Donations

  • JJeannette H. donated $47.79 - 2 yrs ago.
  • DDeborah A G. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • TTeresa T. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • SSusie C. donated $961.25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • DDarlene H. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • KKeanders Cafe donated $150 - 2 yrs ago.
  • CChandler L. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • JJeni C. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAngela W. donated $81.5 - 2 yrs ago.
  • RRose L. donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • D. donated $500 - 2 yrs ago.
  • RReva L D. donated $143.94 - 2 yrs ago.
  • CChristopher D. donated $85 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $500 - 2 yrs ago.
  • OOcotillo Friends F. donated $143.94 - 2 yrs ago.
  • SShanda B. donated $95.87 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $1200 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • KKathy E. donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • GGirl Scouts G. donated $30 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $23.75 - 2 yrs ago.

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