From Trash Bags to Duffel Bags of Love Help eliminate trash bags from foster care

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Our mission is to show children that they are worthy and loved by providing them with duffel bags for their belongings when they enter foster care.

Typically, children and teens entering foster care are given trash bags to put their belongings into. For young children, this can be confusing and they may think their belongings will be thrown away. For teenagers, this can be demoralizing. For both children and teens, this is another serving of trauma, on top of the trauma they have already experienced at home and by being separated from their biological parents. We are partnering with an organization called Together We Rise (, which rallies community support to replace trash bags with duffel bags. We hope that our role in this partnership will help these children have hope and remind them that they are valued & loved in the midst of turmoil in their lives. We also hope that child welfare professionals will be blessed by the support we provide to them, as they interface with these children and teens.

If we reach our fundraising goal of $1,095.00, we will be able to decorate and pack 25 sweet cases (child duffel bags), as well as pack 25 teen duffel bags. Please help us reach our goal so that 50 children and teens will be reminded that they are worthy and loved!

Recent Donations

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