Sweet Cases by Embody Wellness Ventura Help eliminate trash bags from foster care

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No child should have to carry their lives in a trash bag, help us change that!

November is National Adoption Month in the United States and as some of our Embody Wellness clients may know, adoption and foster care are topics very dear to our manager Jessica's heart so for the month of November we'll be teaming up for a Sweet Cases fundraiser with Together We Rise.

Every year, thousands of children enter the U.S. foster care system for a variety of reasons. Many are removed from negligent or unsafe living situations with little opportunity for preparation or planning and as a result, trash bags are often the only thing available for them to put all their belongings into before they’re whisked away to safety. Carrying your whole life in trash bags can be traumatizing for children, heck it's traumatizing for pretty much anyone! That’s why Together We Rise developed their Sweet Cases program: to give children in foster care a permanent and more dignified solution that will hopefully ease some of the trauma of their situation.

Through the month of November, we’ll be collecting funds that will be used to purchase Sweet Cases duffle bags filled with essentials like hygiene kits and comforts like teddy bears. Once we’ve received those bags we’ll be throwing a little party to decorate them before they find their new home. Once we’ve completed decorating and filling the bags, they'll be taken to our local foster care agency in Ventura to be handed out to children in need. 

To those donating: We thank you for your generosity & support!

-The Embody Wellness Team 
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