Disney Day for Foster Kids Make magic and help reunite siblings separated in foster care

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Disneyland Trip

Welcome to my Fundraising Page!

Many aspects of a child’s personality and temperament can be directly correlated with his or her first experiences. Unfortunately, for 64% of foster kids ages newborn to 10 years old, those years are filled with being taken away from their homes, siblings and birth parents, as well as transitioning on average as many as three times between families. These cause foster kids to grow up faster than they should. So how about giving these children the opportunity to make new, unforgettable memories at the happiest place on Earth -- Disneyland! 

I am working with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization that helps fostered youth experience childhood. Together We Rise’s Disney Day reunites over 300 foster kids with their siblings and provides them a day full of fun and magic, giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope to raise $600 for the Disney Days Fund in 60 days, so that four more kids can go to Disneyland in September 2018:

  • A $25 donation will provide a picnic lunch and celebration dinner. No Disneyland Trip is complete without some sweets too!!
  • A $50 donation will provide not just a standard sweetcase, each foster child will get a Disney bag filled with Disney gifts!
  • A $100 donation will provide transportation to and from Disneyland and an admission to the Disneyland Park.


Thank you for your contribution! Any amount of money donated is one step closer to a magical family reunion!

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