ISSO Holiday Party

Let's make a difference together.

Once we raise the money to purchase our 50 "sweet cases" or duffle bags, the work has just begun! We hope you all can join us on Sunday December 17th at 10am for our ISSO Holiday Party where we will then decorate and assemble the 50 duffle bags that we order.  Each bag is filled with crayons, a coloring book, a hygiene kit, and a teddy bear. And each family can personally design and decorate a bag for a child.  Come join us with your family on December 17th and let's really make a difference for these kids!

Sweet Cases vs Trash Bags

Because a child's belongings are never trash.

Picture this: A 5yr old girl is being told by a Police Officer and a Social Worker that she has to leave with them. Her parents are in another room yelling and crying. They quickly gather some of her things into a trash bag and take her from her home. When she is taken to her foster home she is surrounded by new things, new smells, and new people. She has to unpack her belongings from a trash bag.

We can do better.

Picture this: A 12yr old boy is taken from his home. He has nothing of his own, not even his clothes. You see, he had to put on different clothes because his mother was running an active meth lab in his home and his stuff is contaminated. When he gets to his foster home he doesn’t even have a trash bag to unpack.

We can do better.

This year, ISSO Boston is working with Together We Rise to raise money so we can provide “sweet cases” to give to children coming into care. These duffel bags will be decorated with fun designs and encouragement, filled with pillow pet/stuffed animal, coloring books/crayons, blanket, and hygiene kit that will belong to them and go with them throughout their journey.

We are looking to raise at least $1250 to be able to provide 50 “sweet cases” to our local children's foster center.  Would you emotionally support a child by sponsoring a bag? We can show them they are special and cared for by putting these bags in their hands! Let’s show them they deserve more than a trash bag to carry their most precious belongings!


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