Old First Alternative Gift 2018 Help provide duffle bags for youths in foster care

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Goal: $1,000
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Raised: $25.00

Give the gift of a duffel bag to a teen in foster care

Old First is a congregation dedicated to keeping families together and supporting those who are struggling. Our congregation is made of many families through birth, adoption, kinship, and foster care. This year our Alternative Gift for Christmas will benefit Together We Rise, a campaign that helps children in foster care with the essentials after being removed from their caregivers. Being removed from the people you care for is a very scary experience. Imagine having to do that by shoving everything you own into a garbage bag. 


Billi will have notecards at church that you can mail to your gift recipient so that they know you have made a gift in their honor. You can donate through this site or in person on Sundays. Contact me at billinaction23@yahoo.com with questions.

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