Rae's 2018 Suitcase Drive Help eliminate trash bags from foster care

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Goal: $1,200
Donors: 17
Raised: $1,888.27

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I want to raise $1,200 for Together Wise Rise to provide suitcases for kids for the over 1,200 foster children in the Houston area were forced to relocate as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Most of them likely were handed a trash bag to pack up their life.


And when they're relocated again after their temporary post-storm placements, they'll likely be handed another one. 

Help me send a different message.

Trash bags.

That's what foster kids across the country are given when they have to move between foster homes.

How do I know?

Because that's what I was given when I had to move between foster homes as a teen.

That sends one hell of a message to them about their value, don't you think?

I'd like to help send a different one.

For $25, you can provide a foster kid with their own actual suitcase to use when they have to move between foster care situations.

Care to be awesome?

Recent Donations

  • KKristine S. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • MMissy W. donated $250 - 2 yrs ago.
  • RRichard B. donated $200 - 2 yrs ago.
  • PPaul M. donated $47.79 - 2 yrs ago.
  • MMarie H. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • OOlivier A. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • JJoe S. donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • DDavid L. donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.
  • NNick E. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • CCasey Y. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAlan B. donated $250 - 2 yrs ago.
  • PPamela L. donated $50 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAngela H. donated $480.48 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnonymous donated $35 - 2 yrs ago.
  • MMeg G. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • AAnthony O. donated $100 - 2 yrs ago.
  • SShannon W. donated $25 - 2 yrs ago.

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