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Sweetcases for sweet kids

There are many children in the system that have little to nothing to call their own. For reasons out of their control they are taken out of their home, with little to no time to pack their belongings. As these children go from foster home to foster home what they do have either gets left behind accidently or they are forced to move everything in a garbage bag. These children already feel they have no place to belong, forcing them to pack using garbage bags will cause their self esteem to get even lower. That is why I want to do a fundraiser to help donate "sweetcases" to the children in our area. They will receive a dufflebag of their very own, their cases workers will be told that this is THEIR dufflebag and it goes where the child goes. The dufflebag or "sweetcase" will be filed with special items for the child, such as things they need like toothbrushes and such and fun things like stuffed animals and coloring books. Please take the time to donate to this campaign to help a child feel they have a belonging that is theirs and theirs only. Together We Rise is a wonderful non profit organization that arranges these campaigns to help children all over the country. They have several fundraisers, sweet cases is just one. They organize a Disney trip for children in the system, many who have not seen their sibilings for a while, giving them the oppurtinity to meet up. They raise funds to help children in the system get bikes. They also team up with stores at the beginning of the school year to help children in the system get new back to school clothes. Please take the time and donate what you can to help us reach our goal of 500 dollars.  We have reached our goal of 500! Then we hit our goal of 1000! Now lets make a new goal of 1500!!

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