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Just say NO to trash bags

On any given day, there are about 1,200 children that enter the foster care system. These children join the nearly 428,000 children in the foster care system across the United States. Idaho has a small percentage of that with about 1,350 children in the foster care system.

Some children are only in the foster care system for a short amount of time, while others are in the system for several years. Many of these children are uprooted and forced to move frequently. When it's time to move, most children cram their few belongings into a trash bag and shuffle off to the next “home.”

As a parent and a former foster child, this image breaks my heart. I was lucky enough to be adopted by the 2nd family that fostered me, with the adoption being finalized when I was 18 months old. I can only imagine the heartache that these children endure.

A few months ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a video for an organization called Together We Rise (TWR). TWR is an organization based out of California that is leading the way in innovating foster care. They have several different programs that were designed to help give to foster children. The program that I found most intriguing was a product called sweet cases.

A sweet case is a duffle bag that is stuffed with both essential and fun items for children that are in the foster care system. The bags are meant to replace the trash bags that many foster children carry when moving from home to home. TWR believes that no child should have to cram all of their belongings, if they have any, into a trash bag. Sweet Cases include 1 Duffel Bag, 1 Stuffed Animal, 1 Coloring Book, 1 Pack of Crayons, 1 Hygiene Kit and 1 Blanket. These kits are designed to be purchased by either corporate or individual donors and then given to local foster care organizations.

I am organizing a team to create and kick off a campaign to raise funds to order 50 Sweet Cases. The cost of each kit is $25 which includes the above materials. We would need to raise $1,250 in order to pay for 50 Sweet Cases. Our campaign is going to last 6 weeks, from May 1st to June 15th. At the end of that time, we will place an order for the Sweet Cases. Once they come in, we will then get together and host a decorating party to get the bags ready to donate to a local agency that works directly with foster children.

We are going to raise funds in a variety of ways. We will be partnering with direct selling Consultants and asking them to host fundraising parties. They will donate whatever portion of their commissions that they desire. We will be raffling off some awesome products and we can also take individual donations either directly to my team or do the campaign page that we will set up on the TWR website. We are also open to any other fundraising ideas that you may have.

This cannot be just a one person event, but will be a bunch of awesome people getting together to make a difference in our community. There are going to be a variety of ways that you can help. No foster child should have to carry around a trash bag. TWR is offering the tools to make a difference. If we all get-together, we can help give that difference into our local community.

Please let my team or I know if you would like to donate or are willing to help in any other way.


Warm Regards,

Mason Pryor

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