Worthy Fundraiser for Together We Rise Help eliminate trash bags from foster care

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Trash bags should not be a substitute for duffel bags. Let's raise money so kids in foster care can get decorated and personalized Sweet Cases filled with comfort items.

We launched Worthy Projects to reinforce, through time and contributions, the message "Hey, We Are All Worthy!"  We work with programs throughout the year and encourage our partners, customers and friends to participate in giving with us through our Worthy Projects website page.  We can all do our part together to help others nourish their worth every day.

We are currently working with Together We Rise, an amazing organization that works to transform the way kids experience foster care. Their programs are created to provide a way for people who cannot become foster parents to still have a meaningful and effective way to help children in foster care.

So what are we going to achieve together this holiday season?  Worthy is looking to raise $500 which will allow Together We Rise to build and distribute Sweet Cases to 20 children in foster care.  What’s in each Sweet Case? A personalized and decorated duffel bag, a teddy bear, a warm blanket, fabric pastels, crayons, an art book and a hygiene kit.

WORTHY will match the $500 as soon as it is raised so together we can provide an additional 20 Sweet Cases to children in need.  That means that together we can give Sweet Cases to 40 children.

Please donate what you can and have a glorious Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!



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