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Crisis for College
Foster Youth.
They Need Your Help!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Together We Rise amassed community resources to address the urgent needs impacting the college foster care population. National pre-pandemic studies have shown that natural disasters negatively impact college enrollment and student success rates, only worsening the graduation rate of our college foster care population (3-11% college success rate for foster care).

As we continue to navigate through these tough times, our mission of supporting individuals in foster care remains our top priority. With your support, we can continue to provide services that address the urgent needs preventing students from lifelong success.

You Can Help Together We Rise Provide Support Through Following Resources



Most college-age foster youth depend on on-campus jobs or hourly wages to support their living expenses. Because of COVID-19, they will no longer have this income. With the public being encouraged to stock up on certain items, you can help prepare foster youth for the uncertain times ahead.



We offer a utility stipend to help foster youth maintain access to power, gas, water, telephone, and WIFI so they can continue their studies.


Educational Technology

Together We Rise is helping eliminate the digital divide for college students. Oftentimes, students are provided outdated equipment and don’t have the means to afford new technology. Help fund education essentials like printers, hard drives, laptops, webcams, and more.


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For those who shop on Amazon, add Together We Rise to your AmazonSmile account. Every time you make a purchase on Amazon through your AmazonSmile a percentage is donated to Together We Rise.

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Support & Partnerships

We continue to look for solutions and partnerships to address the issues impacting the foster youth and students we serve. Please use the form below to submit an inquiry and a TWR staff will connect with you soon. Thank you in advance for your gratitude.

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