Why Sponsor a Teen Shopping Spree?

We can all agree that being a teenager is tough without the complications foster youth must navigate. When youths enter foster care they often come with only the clothing on their backs. Providing teens with new clothing has been part of Together We Rise’s mission since the beginning.

We have seen firsthand how transformative new clothing and hygiene products can be for a teenager in foster care. Especially, when you consider the fact that teens in foster care struggle with low self-esteem and depression at higher rates than those outside of the foster care system.

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3 Simple Ways to Support
Teen Shopping Sprees

When you donate towards a teen shopping spree, you are helping teens gain confidence through one of the following programs.

Holiday Shopping Sprees

During the holiday season Together We Rise and volunteers nationwide come together to sponsor in-person shopping sprees nationwide.

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Back to School Clothing Tours

Right before each new school year, Together We Rise and our supporters create clothing bundles to help teens feel confident about themselves.

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Rise Clothing Vault

Our new brick and mortar store allows teens and foster families to “shop” for brand new clothing and hygiene items for free.

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How Do Teen Shopping Sprees Help?

The Together We Rise Teen Shopping Spree initiatives help give teens autonomy over their bodies. They are allowed to select the way they want the world to see them through clothing and grooming products. Often, teens in foster care are accustomed to not having a say in what they wear or own.

Many foster families are dependent upon donated clothing and secondhand stores. By offering teens the opportunity to select new clothing for themselves, it gives them the ability to build their own identity.


Your donation makes a real difference
in the lives of teens in foster care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Teen Shopping Spree?

Together We Rise started the Teen Shopping Spree initiative after years of doing summer clothing tours. A teen shopping spree is a one on one activity where a Together We Rise volunteer sponsors and or takes a teen shopping at the mall for a new outfit or two.

Where do Teen Shopping Sprees Take Place?

Teen Shopping Sprees are typically hosted during the winter months, right before the holidays. They are hoster at malls across the country and connect volunteers directly with foster youth within their communities.

How can I Help Support Teen Shopping Sprees Year Around?

We have many ways you can help! Visit togetherwerise.org to see how you can become a corporate partner, get involved with our service activities, start a fundraising campaign or sponsor your favorite program!

How Much of My Donation Goes Towards Supporting Teen Shopping Sprees?

92% of all donations go directly towards the sponsored program. Together We Rise is committed to ensuring that your support is directly reaching children in foster care nationwide. For more insight on our financials, please review our financial documents here.

Why Should I Participate in a Teen Shopping Spree?

There are plenty of ways you can help teens in foster care. Sponsoring and participating in a Teen Shopping Spree is a great way to connect directly to your community while providing a teen with new clothing and personal hygiene items.

Interested In Volunteering?

Volunteering at a Teen Shopping Spree is a great way to connect directly to your community while providing a teen with new clothing and personal hygiene items. Sign up below to receive information on volunteering opportunities.

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