Sticker Giveaway Helps
Kids in Foster Care

One of the many ways Together We Rise has helped raise awareness is through our FREE stickers campaign. For years, we have printed and sent hundreds of thousands of stickers to donors and supporters nationwide. We have even seen our Blue Bear sticker on a truck in Haiti!!!

Our FREE sticker advocacy program is a fun way for us to share our story while informing the public about the real need within the foster care community. Our mission is dependent upon our supporters and their commitment to making the world a better place for kids in foster care.

Bundle of Together We Rise Stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stickers?

Why not stickers? Actually, we really love how stickers are easy to share and can be placed anywhere. We started our sticker giveaway almost a decade ago. The idea being, anyone can use a sticker and anyone can help children in foster care. So get a free sticker and show people that you support kids in foster care.

What Is The Meaning Behind the Blue Bear?

We really love our Blue Bear stickers! Blue Bear is the official mascot of Together We Rise. Over the years Blue Bear has experienced a few different design iterations but the main concept is that children in care often experience neglect.

Where Should You Stick It?

You can stick your sticker ANYWHERE! But we will suggest saving the sticker for a place that is visible, like your laptop, car, or notebook. This will help start-up conversations around the sticker and help get more people interested in working with Together We Rise.

Stickers also look great on Hydro Flasks, car windows, and on your phone case.

Who Loves Vinyl Stickers?

Supporters of all ages and backgrounds have requested Together We Rise stickers. They are vinyl stickers, cute, easy to stick, and they really do encourage others to ask questions and learn about the issues children in foster care face.

What Is So Trendy About Stickers?

Stickers have been a craze for decades. They are an easy way to let people know a little bit about your interests without saying anything. Stickers are familiar and fun because they are sharable and accessible.

Where Can I Get A Sticker Pack?

We hope you love your Together We Rise sticker so much you want more. Lucky for you, we sell sticker packs on our website here. You can choose from a few different sticker packs, all proceeds go towards helping kids in foster care.

Get your stickers today!

Together We Rise