American Industries Scholarship

Together We Rise + Milligan Family Fund

Together We Rise is proud to offer the American Industries Trade Scholarship to current and former foster youth who are pursuing a trade degree/certification at a two-year college or vocational-technical school.

The American Industries Scholarship provides access to academic and workforce opportunities for America’s current and former foster youth. To accomplish this, scholarship recipients receive up to $10,000 annually for up to two years in an effort to alleviate the financial burdens associated with securing a trade certification, licensure, and/or vocational degree. To ensure their long-term success, recipients will also receive access to personal mentorship and career development services.

By investing in our scholars, Together We Rise also invests in an innovative, successful future for America’s workforce.


Up to two years of academic support to help with program costs.


Rent support, academic housing needs, and relocation services.

Tools & Equipment

Specialized tools and equipment needed for each student's trade.

Job Readiness

Job readiness and life skills for the modern workforce.

Support System

Emotional support and wrap-around services for the student.

Application Process

The American Industries Trade Scholarship provides workforce-enriching opportunities for current and former foster youth enrolling in trade schools or apprenticeship programs. TWR believes that foster youth can benefit from trade and technical skills that will allow them to immediately enter the workforce upon completion with the opportunity to earn a favorable living in a sustainable field. Click here to learn more about the application and scholarship requirements.

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Joe Milligan and his family join Together We Rise in our mission to support current and former foster youth, giving them a brighter future through education. Adopted at infancy, Joe Milligan understands how the support of his family shaped his life trajectory. Together, with their generous donation, we have founded the American Industries Scholarship. Through this trade school scholarship, we hope to provide new opportunities and direct access to the workforce for foster youth nationwide.

“My heart and my support are with them,” -Joe Milligan

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ panel answers some common questions regarding the application, selection, and admissions process. Please visit our contact us page for additional information.