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Inside a Box

Each box includes the contents that make up a Sweet Case: duffels, blankets, teddy bears, coloring books, crayons, and hygiene kits.

We also include art materials for decorating the duffels.

Who do i give them to?

Our team will connect you to a local foster care agency in your community. If you have a preferred agency in mind, you are more than welcome to deliver your newly decorated Sweet Cases there.

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Small Box

10 Sweet Cases

free shipping $250
Large Box

20 Sweet Cases

free shipping $515
Custom Orders

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Limit 1 Sweet Case box bundle option per person.
**For larger orders, please contact us

    Can't buy now? Fundraise here

    You can set up a personalized online campaign to raise money for your Sweet Case build! When you're ready, we will send out your Sweet Case order. We can also provide you with a local foster care agency to deliver the completed Sweet Cases to!

    Start a fundraising page to raise money to sponsor a Sweet Case build today!

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