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We can organize an event at your office, home, church, or even at the twr headquarters!

Team Building Activities & Service Projects Benefiting children in foster care.
Although Together We Rise is mostly supported through individual and small company participants, many larger more well known companies have supported our programs through our team building activities. Team building is a great way to get everyone involved with a service project! We offer four great programs, which are perfect for team building projects! Companies we have worked with in the past include AMC, Jet Blue, Iron Mountain, LA Times, Toyota, In-N-Out, Best Buy, AIG, Home Depot, FOX, NBC, and ABC.

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It's Your Turn
Duffel Bag Decorating Team Building Events

Sweet Cases

Group size: 5 - 2,500
Length: 30 mins - 3 hrs

Trash bags should not be a substitute for duffel bags. Decorate and personalize Sweet Cases filled with comfort items.

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Bike Building Team Building Events

Building Bikes

Group size: 5 - 1,500
Length: 45 mins - 3 hrs

Assemble new bicycles for youth in foster care. From their first bike, to getting their first job, these bikes are helping to change lives!

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Skateboard Building Team Building Events

Build A Board

Group size: 5 - 1,000
Length: 30 mins - 3 hrs

Youth in foster care may miss out on simple childhood moments like learning how to ride a skateboard. Help us change this!

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Duffel Bag Decorating Team Building Events

Birthday Boxes

Group size: 5 - 2,500
Length: 30 mins - 3 hrs

Decorate Birthday Boxes to help ensure each child in foster care gets the birthday celebration they deserve!

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Need more suggestions? We offer custom events

We are always open to discussing any ideas your team has for helping children in foster care! From remodeling group homes to taking youth in foster care shopping we love to collaborate with companies to find a team building activity that works for you! To discuss options, contact us by email at info@togetherwerise.org or call our office at 714-784-6760


The AIG team has consistenly supported foster youth nationwide. “I really enjoyed getting the chance to design the duffel bags and build the bikes for the kids. It had such a personal aspect to it- each bag was unique and personalized, each bike was made with attention and care, and it was such a great feeling knowing the personal." - AIG Analyst

Daniel Lubetzky, CEO and founder of KIND, shouted us out as his favorite cause "It is really sad to think that in those moments of vulnerability these kids are treated like trash.." "They are going to go through difficult moments being taken in to foster care no mater what, but being able to give them a little care package at that traumatic moment saying we are here for you and give them a tiny bit of dignity and love. I think it makes a big difference"

Team Building & Service Projects For Everyone

Corporate Office Team Building Activities

Staff team building activities are a great way to feel connected to your community and bond with your team! Any of our programs are a great way for your team to give back together, unite the office and provide a time for the company to exercise their teamwork skills.

School Service Projects

Do you know a student in need of completing a service project? Our Sweet Cases, Birthday Boxes and Bike Building programs (formally known as Build A Bike®) are all an easy way to get students involved in giving back to their local communities. Our small but mighty child volunteers have helped countless children in foster care through their school, boy scouts, girl scouts, or church groups!

Group Service Projects for Churches

Churches across the country have completed TWR programs. If your church community is looking for a new, easy and fun way to give back to the children in your community our programs are a great option! All ages of your church community can participate in our Sweet Case, Birthday Box and Bicycle Builds.

Friends and Family Service Projects

There is no group too small to complete one of our programs! Whether it’s just you and your best friend or your company of 2,000 staff members, any of our TWR programs could be your perfect fit. Our programs are affordable and manageable for everyone and provide a great way for all ages to feel involved in their community.

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