Fun Team Building
Activities with Impact

Together We Rise are the nonprofit experts at creating simple team building activities for work, individuals, church groups, and large organizations. Let's help you execute your next team building idea while meeting your corporate and social responsibility goals.

Creating Charitable Team Building
Activities for Adults, Kids, and All In-Between

Whether you are local to our offices in California and Texas or anywhere in the U.S., we can be there to help make your team building efforts a success. Nonprofit service projects are an amazing way to inspire and motivate your team while making your team building activities tax-deductible. For over a decade Together We Rise continues to help organizations reach their team building goals while changing the ways kids experience foster care. With half a dozen great programs to choose from, we have the perfect charitable team building activity for you.

Here are a Few Companies We Partner with:

Inspire Your Team With
Charitable Team Building Activities

With almost half a million children in foster care, our nonprofit needs everyone's help! Why not inspire your team with a fun team building activity that helps kids in care. Check out some of our service based team building projects below.

Sweet Cases

Help replace trash bags with custom duffle bags known as Sweet Cases. Bring out the creative side of your team while decorating and assembling Sweet Case duffle bags.

Group Size 5 – 2,500
Duration 30 min – 3 hrs
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Building Bikes

Unite your employees with a fun team building bike build for kids in foster care. These bikes provide independence, adventure, and transportation. Change lives with this hands-on team build.

Group Size 5 – 1,500
Duration 45 min – 3 hrs
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Build A Board

Energize your team with a skateboard build! Youth in foster care may miss out on simple childhood moments like learning how to ride a skateboard. Help change this by building skateboards for foster youth.

Group Size 5 – 1,000
Duration 30 min – 3 hrs
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Birthday Boxes

Join us in celebrating more birthdays with the birthday box team build. Help ensure that all children in foster care get the birthday celebration they deserve.

Group Size 5 – 2,500
Duration 30 min – 3 hrs
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Superhero Boxes

Awaken the hero within each of your team members with the superhero box service project. A fun team building activity that empowers kids in foster care.

Group Size 5 – 2,500
Duration 30 min – 3 hrs
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STEM Boxes

Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics, is the future. Help kids gain exposure to STEM through fun interactive projects.

Group Size 5 – 2,500
Duration 30 min – 3 hrs
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More Than Just A Bike

Two out of three youth in foster care lack personal transportation. Invest in a team building activity with the power to change lives.

Check Out Team Builds!

Team Activities for Good with AIG

Team activities for good are so important when creating a positive work environment. Our long-time friend and supporter AIG understands the value of empowering their team through charitable activities. Recently our AIG friends invited us out for two days of team building activities in New York City.

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Team Building Workshop with HBO’s Summer Interns

Team building workshops are a great way to acclimate new employees to your work culture. HBO believes in the ideal of creating strong work culture and recently invited us to help them with their team building workshop for interns in Santa Monica, CA.

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Team Building At Work With Hulu

Team building at work is a great way to re-energize your team. If you want to take your team building to the next level and add a charitable component, you get even more on return. This week we had the pleasure of visiting the HULU team in San Antonio, TX. You can’t imagine what a cool bunch of people made up the Hulu team.

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Team Building
Service Projects for Everyone

Whether you are an individual, part of a group, or corporation, you can help children in your community with a fun team building project. Your kindness makes a difference in not only the lives of your co-workers, friends, and family but also the lives of children in foster care.

Corporate Office
Team Building Activities

Staff team building activities are a great way to get connected to your community and bond with your team! Any of our programs are a great way for your team to give back together, unite the office, and provide a time for the company to exercise their teamwork skills. Help accomplish your team building goals while including your corporate and social responsibility efforts. Charitable team building is an excellent tax-deductible way to engage your team and community.

Service Projects

Do you know of a student in need of completing a service project? Team building activities for kids are simple with our Sweet Case, Birthday Box, or Bike Building programs (formally known as Build a Bike). Help a student learn the value of philanthropy and community while making a direct impact in the lives of other local children through a nonprofit. Our young volunteers continue to help children in foster care across the nation through their schools, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts Troops, or church groups!

Group Service
Projects for Churches

Countless Churches and religious groups nationwide have completed team building programs with Together We Rise. Inspire your church community to help children in foster care through an exciting, easy, and fun service project appropriate for people of any age to participate in. Rally your group to extend their kindness towards some of the most vulnera