Why Donate to Foster Families
on Thanksgiving

This holiday season, families across the country will come together to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and take part in yearly traditions. However, this time can be increasingly difficult for children being introduced to the foster care system or those moving into new homes or group homes. As foster youth adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and different people, you can remind them that they have a special place at the table. Donate towards a traditional Thanksgiving meal and help foster children and families feel supported.

Goal: $30,000
Donations to help feed foster families this holiday season.

How Your Donations Make A Difference

As each one of us prepares for Thanksgiving, let’s not forget the food scarcities and stress that have been placed upon foster families as a result of COVID-19. Don’t let plates go empty this year. Donate a traditional Thanksgiving meal to remind foster families and youth that they have a special place at the table. The need for your support has never been greater.

Turkey, Turkey!

Supporters, like you, help gift Thanksgiving meals by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount.

Donate Meals

Meal Delivery

Together We Rise orders the meal and coordinates a delivery date and time with foster families nationwide.

Donate Meals

We are extra thankful for our Supporters.

As people plan time with family and friends for their Thanksgiving meal, we are grateful for our Supporters that help families share in that same tradition. Their contribution sparks comfort, community and belonging this Thanksgiving.

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Donate Meals
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