Together We Rise

Whether You Are Just Starting Out Or Have Been Fostering For Years and Need Support

Have you considered becoming a foster parent?

Here are some simple tools to help you
understand the process and path.

Make the Descision

Is foster parenting really for me?
Before embarking on this journey, consider the following:
  • Why do I want to do this -- what are my motivations?
  • How does this all work when it comes to my spouse?
  • What should I consider when it comes to my biological kids?
  • Do I have the support system necessary to do foster care well?
  • If not foster parenting, then what else could I do?

Get Certified

Training, Paperwork, and Preparation
While the certification process varies from state to state and even agency to agency, you should expect the following elements:
  • Application
  • Training (usually 30 or more hours)
  • How to partner with a child's biological family
  • Background Checks
  • Home Study

Learn and Grow

Learning and Finding Tools
Becoming an amazing foster parent is an ongoing process of learning and of finding great support. Just a few of the things you’ll want to explore over time include:
  • How to parent children who have experienced trauma
  • How to work well with child welfare professionals
  • How to partner with a child's biological family
  • How to deal with the grief and loss when a child leaves
  • How to find and keep a great support system
  • If you are looking to foster to adopt, check out our adoption calculator for costs

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