Bring a service project to your city!

Sponsor team building activities or service projects to help make
a difference for foster children in your local community.


Start a campaign & host an event w/ your friends, family, or colleagues


If you’ve already raised donations or looking to purchase directly, use the buy now feature.


Join our community of volunteers & lend a helping hand.

5 Simple Steps to Start a Superhero Box
Team Building Service Activity

Set A Goal

Decide how many children you’d like to help.

Sponsor or Fundraise for the Superhero Boxes

Check out some fundraising ideas here and connect with your TWR rep that will be here to help you every step of the way!

Reach Out to Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Ask everyone to help you support your fundraiser and service project.

Hurray, You’ve Reached Your Goal!!!

You have sponsored the Superhero Box items and now Together We Rise is shipping you what you need to start your team building service project.

Complete Service Project

Assemble your Superhero Boxes alone or with your closest friends and family. Once they are complete, you deliver them to a foster agency local to you for distribution.

What Comes in
a Superhero Box

Cape, Mask &
Superhero Pouch

How Do Superhero Boxes Help
Children in Foster Care?

girl with superhero cuffs

Superhero Boxes help children in foster care as well as their foster parents, group homes, and social workers. Regardless of where a child is placed, a SuperheroBox is an empowering gift that reminds each child of their inner strength and power.

girl with superhero mask

The Impact

Check Out How People Like You Help

Whether you’re looking for the perfect team building activity for a corporate outing or a way to get involved in your community as a family, a group project with Together We Rise is a rewarding experience that makes a difference! With partners in 50 states, we make sure that your service project stays local.

Team Building Activities

Samsung team members give back by assembling new skateboards for youth in care. Working together to give back increases productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction with their company.

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Church Service Projects

Completing service projects with your church creates a sense of community while raising awareness of their own foster families. Partner with us for a local community service project for your church!

Learn More

Friends & Family Projects

Get friends and family members together to do something awesome for local foster youth. It is simple, fun, and meaningful - and will bring you closer together.

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School Service Projects

Change the lives of other children as a school with a fun charity project for students of all ages! Kids and teens love the opportunity to get hands-on volunteer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Superhero Box?

A Superhero Box is a kit filled with all the items you need to help children in care unleash their inner hero. The interactive kit allows our sponsors to help decorate superhero items that are then donated to children in foster care nationwide.

Where do Superhero Boxes go?

Superhero Boxes are sponsored by our supporters. We redistribute them to children in foster care through our foster agency partners or directly to foster families requesting them for their children.

Who can Receive a Superhero Box?

Superhero Boxes are designed specifically for adolescent children who are in the care of our partner foster care agencies. However, if a child wants a Superhero Box, we are happy to provide one for anyone in foster care.

How Much of My Donation Goes Towards Superhero Boxes?

92% of all donations go directly towards the sponsored program. Together We Rise is committed to ensuring that your support is directly reaching children in foster care nationwide. For more insight on our financials, please review our financial documents here.

Why Should I Participate in a Superhero Box Team Building Service Project?

Children in foster care need our help! Yes, there are a multitude of ways to get involved, sponsoring and participating in a Birthday Box team building service project is a great way to connect directly to your community while providing new items that fill a need.

The first step to helping foster kids is deciding how you would like to help.

Then host the event at your office, house, church, or even the Together We Rise HQ!

All children deserve to feel special, safe, and loved! Help children in foster care unleash their inner strength by sponsoring a Superhero Box.

Call (714) 784-6760 or complete the form above, and we’ll be in touch to help you learn more about hosting a service project or team building event benefiting foster children!

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