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How we help

We work with thousands of volunteers, social workers, CASA advocates, and other partners to transform the way kids experience foster care. Our programs are created to provide a way for people who cannot become foster parents to still have a meaningful and effective way to help children in foster care.

Sweet Cases

When children enter foster care, they are usually given a trash bag to move their few belongings in. We provide NEW duffel bags filled with essentials like a teddy bear, blanket, hygiene kit, and much more. We also provide duffel bags for teenagers.


Build A Bike

While children experience the foster care system, they often lose the simple joys of childhood like riding a bicycle. We provide FREE bicycles to hundreds of children. We also provide bicycles for teenagers that need help getting to school or work.


Build A Board

Youth in foster care often miss out on childhood activities like riding a skateboard. We provide hundreds of skateboards to children in foster care throughout the nation. Skateboards not only offers adventure and community but a consistent form of transportation.


Family Fellowship

Only 3% of youth in foster care graduate from college. Every year, we select 10-15 freshmen that are going to be freshmen in college and provide them w/ a $90,000 life changing scholarship. Support includes tuition, housing, mentors, and a familial like setting.


Birthday Boxes

No matter the age, birthdays are always a special day. Often children experiencing the foster system miss out on birthday celebrations. We provide birthday boxes to help celebrate those overlooked birthdays.


Reunification Events

While in foster care it is common for siblings to be separated and placed in different foster homes. In response to these separation we provided reunification events across the country. We bring these siblings together for a day of bonding at some of the funnest places nationwide.


We help nationwide

We focus on keeping all our giving local to where the donations came from. Through this model, we have been able to help children in every state in the United States annually.

Other ways we help

Framing forever

We provide free photographers to families adopting through foster care. We have a nationwide network of volunteer photographers that have donated their services to capture this special moment.


social work scholarships

We believe that social workers play a huge part in creating real change for children in foster care. We launched our Foster Love scholarship to support college students who want to make a difference.

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College move in support

Every year, hundreds of college students will move into their dorm rooms with little or no support. We provide funds and volunteers to help make the transition into college a little easier.

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Together We Rise