What is a Virtual Service Project?

As we transition back to pre-pandemic life, we’ve found that one thing we want to carry over is our Virtual Service Projects. The creation of our Virtual Service Projects started out as a way to help people safely give back from wherever they are. What we found is our Virtual Service Projects allow families, friends, and coworkers from around the world to work together to help kids in foster care. Make a difference with a fun project that changes lives.

boy holding a superhero box

What’s included in my
Superhero Kit Virtual Service Project?

Poly Bag
and Return Label

& Fabric Markers

Official Superhero
Registration Card

Cuffs & Mask


How Does The Virtual Superhero
Service Project Reach Kids in Care?

Each completed project is sent back to the Together We Rise headquarters in California and packed in a Superhero Box filled with all the items needed to help children feel SUPER! Each Superhero Box comes with a cape, mask, power cuffs, bracelet, pillowcase, Superhero registration card, and decorative box.

girl opening superhero box


3 Easy Steps to Helping
Kids in Foster Care

Decorate your items

Fill out the Superhero Registration Card, assemble items, and decorate the Super Bear pillowcase.

Pack up your completed items

Place the completed items inside the extra poly bag with the attached prepaid label. Remove the adhesive strip and seal the bag.

Ship them out

Now you’re ready to ship! You can drop off your bag at any USPS shipping location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I write on my campaign page?
  • Your campaign is personal to you and/or your group! Feel free to write about why you are doing this, what you hope to accomplish, or details about the event you plan to host!
  • You can also share some statistics about foster care or share a personal story to captivate the potential donors coming across your page.
What if I don’t reach my goal?

If you are unable to reach your fundraising goal, we can extend your campaign to provide more time to work towards your goal or we can send you the supplies based on the amount you did raise!
*5 item minimum does apply

What do I do once my fundraiser is over?

Please contact your TWR representative to receive a breakdown of your order and finalize shipping details.

Who gets my donation?

A foster care agency will receive your donation.

Can I pick the agency?


Why Should I Participate in a Superhero Kit Virtual Service Project?

There are plenty of ways you can help children in foster care. Sponsoring and participating in a Superhero Kit team building service project is a great way to connect directly to your community while providing new items that fill a need.

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