Free Bundle with a donation of $40+ limit 1 per person, items may vary
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Free Bundle with a donation of $40+ limit 1 per person,
items may vary
Disney Days Bundle
Percentage of money raised to send kids to Disneyland & Disney World

Ways To Help

Feel free to select any of the sponsorship levels
listed below or enter any donation amount you wish.

**Only Donations of $40+ are eligible to receive
the Disney Days Thank You Bundle.

Would you like to receive a
Disney Days Thank You Bundle?

Snacks and Drinks $25

Snacks & Drinks

Who doesn’t love snacks? Ice cream, cotton candy and of course, CHURROS! Each bite provides one sweet smile.

Snacks and Drinks $50

Spending Money for 2

With so many siblings reuniting at Disneyland & Disney World, you can help make the day even better for 2!

Snacks and Drinks $100

Park Admission

Help support one of the most important costs, admission to Disneyland & Disney World for one child in Foster Care.

Looking to Volunteer?

Become A Volunteer!

Volunteers are truly the backbone to a successful day at Disney. Each person that donates their time & enthusiasm not only helps our team immensely, but creates some of the greatest memories for each child.

Volunteer jobs cover a wide range of responsibilities from helping to coordinate lunches & snacks to leading a group of energetic kids from ride to ride.

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Photographers & Videographers

Disney Days provides some of the greatest memories for everyone involved & we want to preserve each precious moment. We are looking for talented photographers and videographers to donate their time & talents to help us capture the day’s events.

Each photo/video volunteer is asked to follow a small group of children & their chaperones as they explore the park, enjoy the attractions & become captivated by all that Disney has to offer.

Application Closed
The People Making This Possible

If you are interested in joining this group of amazing people & becoming a Disney Days partner, click here to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the event dates?

Our annual Disney Days event in Disneyland will take place on September 22nd and September 23rd.

Dates for Disney World have yet to be chosen, but are tentatively scheduled for October of 2019.

Financial Requirements?

Each volunteer must sponsor a child to attend Disney Days. Single volunteer sponsorships are $280 and groups of 6 are $1,800. Individuals & groups who have their own annual park passes are eligible for a discounted sponsorship level.

What does the donation cover?

The donation helps pay for all the costs of the children entering the park and food.

Is my admission covered in the donation?

Yes, you and up to 5 other people (6 total) will have their admission tickets provided at no EXTRA charge.

How do the kids get chosen?

We are working with local foster agencies for children attending.

How many people in a group?

You may have up to 6 participants in a group.

Together We Rise

Free bundle on donations of $40+

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