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Help Foster Kids in Your Community with a Group Project

Together We Rise’s mission is to help easy the transitions that foster children experience within the system. Our programs can be used as great service projects and teambuilding activities.

Sweet Cases

Every day, hundreds of kids enter foster care with their belongings in a trash bag. Join us as we replace these trash bags with personalized duffel bags.

Building Bikes

Children deserve special childhood moments. Help us bring new bicycles to youth experiencing the foster care system.


Children deserve special childhood moments. Help us bring new skateboards to youth experiencing the foster care system.

Birthday Boxes

Children deserve special childhood moments. Help us celebrate their birthdays by sending them a personalized care package on their birthday.

Other volunteer events

Get Involved with a Volunteer Event for Foster Children

Disneyland / World

Every year we reunite hundreds of siblings in foster care with a day at Disneyland/World. We focus on children who have either never experienced Disneyland or have been separated from their siblings during placement.

Shopping Sprees

Every winter we organize $100 shopping sprees for hundreds of youth in foster care at major retailers. We want to give them the ability to buy new and useful items during the holiday season.

Clothing Tour

Youth in care often do not receive funds to buy back to school clothing they actually want. To help this issue, TWR travels the country inviting foster youth to come and shop at our pop up store for FREE.


Adoption Photographer Volunteers

Are you a photographer? You can donate your skills to foster families!

Adoption Photography

Our 'Framing Forever' project coordinates professional photographers with foster families to capture the special moment of adoption. If you’re a photographer, you can sign up through our website to be connected with foster families in your area.

During the holidays, Kids in Foster Care Need Us More than Ever!

The holidays can be a difficult time for kids in foster care. Click on the button below to join us in helping lift their spirits.

Yes, I Want To Make a Difference!

Great! Thank You for Being a Champion to Kids in Foster Care this Holiday Season.

A simple way to help this holiday season is by making a tax-deductible donation. Whether you can donate $1 or $100 dollars. Your donation will go to providing resources and support to the most vulnerable in our society, children in foster care. Donation Options:

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